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What is neck lift surgery?

What is the neck lift procedure? Neck lift (also called subchin liposuction) is the common name for neck contouring surgery. It’s a plastic surgery that addresses the neck area. Typically, a neck lift is done as part of a wrinkle reduction surgery (so with a full facelift or as part of a lower facelift). However, some patients only want to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery on the neck. Neck lift plastic surgery allows neck rejuvenation, skin tightening, excess skin removal and neck reshaping. This excess skin removal surgery is not only the best treatment for sagging skin, but also the best neck rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction surgery.

Neck lifts are specifically for middle-aged and elderly people who have noticed the signs of aging, stress, gravity, genetics and environmental conditions. This procedure can dramatically change the appearance of the neck and face, making them look much younger and smoother. In general, most people choose a neck lift in conjunction with an eye or eyelid lift, but in this article we want to focus on a neck lift as a cosmetic surgery on its own. odd.

What does neck lift surgery include?

A platysmaplasty is a surgery that may include the following:

  1. remove excess skin;
  2. remove excess fat (but for large fat stores, liposuction of the neck may be necessary);
  3. neckline modelling;
  4. remove loose skin from the neck;
  5. neck wrinkles treatment;
  6. tighten neck muscles.

In addition, sometimes a neck lift can be combined with other procedures and the range of problems to be addressed increases. Common procedures associated with a neck lift are liposuction (specifically, neck liposuction and chin liposuction), facelift (whole facelift as well as mini facelift), and cervicoplasty. .

Types of neck lift surgery

There are several types of neck lift surgery to choose from. They differ based on their technique and the areas covered and modified. Overall, depending on the level of intervention, we can distinguish between a traditional neck lift that treats the entire neck area and a mini neck lift that treats only part of the neck. The main types of neck lift procedures based on the type of procedure are platysmaplasty (removal of or/and correction of neck muscles) and cervicoplasty (removal of excess skin in the neck). Alternatively, a neck lift can include a tilt neck lift, neck liposuction, botox or certain types of injections or laser treatment – ​​it all depends on the problem and the patient’s expectations.

Traditional neck lift vs mini neck lift

A mini neck lift is a minimally invasive neck lift surgery. It creates a more youthful, defined and contoured jawline by removing excess skin from the jawline and areas under the chin. It is much less wide than a traditional neck lift eg. It is not an effective treatment for neck wrinkles or a comprehensive treatment for sagging skin. A mini neck lift is often called a mini-incision surgery – the number of incisions and their size are much smaller than a conventional surgery. In addition, the risks involved and the recovery time are more reasonable as the procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. Many patients decide to have a mini facelift every few years. The first surgery is often the most demanding for both the patient and the surgeon. Further surgeries can be done once the skin is tight again – bruising and swelling after the second or third mini facelift is much less.

Neck lifting procedure

The general steps to be followed in the neck lift procedure include the following:

Step 1 – Anesthesia

Immediately after the patient is brought into the operating room, the anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia. During a neck lift, your plastic surgeon may recommend general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. General anesthesia is often used for a full neck lift or in combination with other procedures. Sedatives are applied in minor neck lifts or in the treatment of minor neck problems, for example. when the patient only needs to reduce the jawline or reduce the double chin.

Step 2 – slit and make changes

Depending on the extent of the agreed changes, the surgeon may perform a traditional neck lift incision or a limited levator incision. In the first (traditional) type, the surgical incisions run from the hairline to the ear, behind the ear, and end at the lower back hairline. Such an incision allows fat to be sculpted and removed from the jaw and neck. Neck tissue can be moved and muscles tightened. Finally, the skin is tightened and lifted, excess skin is removed. Sometimes, surgeons need to make another incision under the chin if people need to remove chin fat. In the second (limited) type, incisions are made around the ear. These incisions are shorter so the range of changes is not as extensive as in a conventional neck lift, but some patients don’t need as much adjustment.

Step 3 – close the incision

After the surgeon makes all the modifications to the neck, the incisions are closed with sutures. Sometimes the surgeon may also use skin glue to help close the incision. Surgeons can use regular sutures that need to be removed after 7 days – this can be done by a doctor or nurse at any clinic or hospital, or a self-dissolving suture It can be absorbed naturally, so there is no need to remove it. The incisions are usually well hidden within the contours of the ears and hairline, so they are not visible.

Step 4 – the result

The results of a neck lift are visible immediately, but may be difficult to heal due to bruising and swelling. But as soon as the swelling and bruising go away, the patient can enjoy all the changes. It is also important to follow all aftercare and recovery instructions to speed healing and maximize results.


Neck lift costs

How much does a neck lift cost? This is an important question for everyone, especially since neck lifts are not funded by the NHS and must be paid for in full. Well, how much does a neck lift cost in the UK? The cost of a full stock lift in the UK starts at 5100 GBP. The average price of a neck lift in the UK is 5500 GBP. However, the truth is that the cost of a neck lift surgery in the UK can vary widely. For example, the cost of a neck lift in London can even go up to 6,000 GBP. Also, in the case of a mini neck lift in the UK, the price is lower than that of a standard neck lift. The cost of a mini neck lift is about 20% less than a classic neck lift.

Neck lift abroad

Neck lifts are not possible in the NHS, so it is out of the price range of many Britons. The cost of a neck lift in the UK is quite high and most people simply can’t afford it, or even if they can, it’s not worth your final spend. However, there is a great solution for people to save money and tighten their neck. Specifically, he has plastic surgery abroad. Some countries focus on medical tourism – they provide premium healthcare in private clinics and at really affordable prices. For Europe, the lowest prices for plastic surgery abroad are offered in Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Hungary. All these countries have special overseas plastic surgery packages, they have experience in treating international patients and are happy to welcome more and more medical tourists. Such surgery abroad allows patients to save money, get quality care, choose the best surgeons in a given country (thanks to much lower costs) and visit new places.

Neck lifts in Poland are often chosen by patients from Ireland, the UK, Germany and Scandinavian countries. The average cost for a neck lift in Poland is 2200 GBP, 2 times cheaper than in the UK. It allows for huge savings. Flights between the UK and Poland are also very affordable, starting from £20, so after adding travel costs, the total cost in Poland is much lower than in the UK. For a neck lift, patients need up to about 5 days – enough time to get through all the necessary tests, surgery, rest, and sightseeing.

From a tourist point of view, we always recommend people to plan their vacation to have time to visit something nearby. Every Polish city is unique, each city is located in a unique area – by the sea, in the mountains, in the Lake District, Silesia, beautiful peaks – Poland’s diversity is amazing and worth it. amazing. Coming back to the matter of neck lifts, Poland is said to have the best plastic surgeons in Europe, so those from the UK can choose the best specialists in Poland while paying only half of what they do in their home country. The standard at private clinics serving international patients follows the highest directives and guidelines, they are truly modern and well-equipped places with individual attention.

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