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What is liposuction?

The most well known plastic surgery within the world is liposuction, moreover known as lipoplasty, lipo surgery, or essentially lipo. What’s liposuction?

Fundamentally the liposuction meaning and liposuction definition are very direct,

as the title “lipo suction” suggests, it could be a strategy of sucking the fat out of the particular body portionConsequently, it is commonly called a fat expulsion surgery. We must push that liposuction isn’t apparatus for weight misfortune or a strategy of corpulence treatment, it’s primary part is to evacuate the fat gathered in a specific body portion in sound individuals who fair cannot lose fat from a few body parts through diet and exercising. Besides, we ought to separate between liposuction surgery and liposculpture. Liposuction could be a body surgery which points at expelling fat from expansive body parts while liposculpture shapes particularas a rule little, body parts and gives a craved tone to the muscles. In this article, we are going center exclusively on liposuction surgery.

How does liposuction work?

Liposuction, as a fat decrease surgery, evacuates fat from a particular body portion. Depending on a surgery sort, there are different sorts of liposuction machine hardware, but they all permit for an successful fat expulsion. The curiously reality is that expelled fat cells never re-grow within the treated region, so the fat cell misfortune is lastingIn any case, it does not cruel that individuals never pick up weight. Once liposuction patients put on weight, the fat comes back, but is now not gathered in treated rangesMoreover, there are a few confinements as for the fat sum that can be taken out amid one method. The greatest sum of fat is 4 liters – some of the time this sum is taken from one body portion, e.g. stomach, but other patients may have fat taken from 2 or 3 body parts, e.g. thighs, hips and abdomen – but it is exceptionally personIn the event that the liposuction requires sucking more than 4 liters of fat to donate desired effects, it is part into two methods to play down the dangers.

Reasons for liposuction

Liposuction is performed due to either tasteful or restorative reasons. The foremost common issue making individuals think about liposuction is fat collection in a certain body part, so in case you’ve got attempted count calories and works out and still don’t know how to lose body fat from e.g. hips or tummy, liposuction is an compelling arrangement. What does liposuction do? It expels fat cells and shapes the body, and ensures the marvelous impacts before long a while later. In any case, it is continuously a patient’s part to keep the comes about, so you must be mindful of how to decrease body fat and remain in shape. The other reasons for liposuction include:

  • reducing fat production
  • restoring or boosting self confidence
  • stimulating the collagen growth
  • health improvement.

Liposuction candidate

There are certain criteria which have to be be met by candidates for lipo surgery. Here, we are going reply a few bothering questions, e.g. how ancient do you have got to be to urge liposuction or who could be a great candidate for liposuction. Firstly, we ought to figure it out that liposuction isn’t a way of weight misfortune and will never supplant a sound way of life or physical movementHence, it is devoted to solid individuals whose BMI is between 19 and 27. It isn’t dediated to hefty individuals, overweight patients may be qualified, but they got to be individuall inspected by the specialist. Lipo too does not expel extend marks or cellulite. It addresses as it were the fat. The perfect candidate for liposuction battles with fat aggregation in particular body parts and in spite of physical movement and adjusted slim down, cannot get freed of it. The foremost tricky regions are tummy, thighs, hips, chin, arms or buttocks.

The ideal candidates for such a procedure should:

  • have a healthy BMI (only within maximum 30% deviation from the ideal BMI)
  • have firm and elastic skin as well as satisfying muscle tone
  • be in a generally good health condition
  • be nonsmokers or be ready to quit smoking for a few weeks at least
  • have realistic expectations as for the procedure.

Liposuction - procedure steps

There are several steps of the liposuction procedure that need to be followed. Specific surgeries may vary depending on the liposuction technique, however, there are always 4 phases to the liposuction procedure. They are:

Both general and local anesthesia are currently possible for liposuction. General anesthesia is given by injection and puts the patient to sleep throughout the operation. With this form of anesthesia, patients have to spend the night in the hospital. On the other hand, local anesthesia only numbs the treated part of the body and the patient remains conscious throughout the procedure, but does not feel any pain. The decision about the method of liposuction and the type of anesthesia is always made by the surgeon. The anesthesia used usually depends on the patient’s medical condition, the amount of excess fat, the number of body parts to be treated and the liposuction technique.

When the anesthesia starts to work, the surgeon makes tiny incisions through which the fat is removed. The incisions are very small, ranging from 0.5 to 3.5 centimeters depending on the body part. The surgeon also makes them in such places that they are then hardly noticeable or invisible.

Removal of adipose tissue
After the incision, the surgeon proceeds with the fat removal procedure. This is possible thanks to a special cannula. This thin vacuum tube is inserted into the deep layers of fat and moves back and forth, squeezing out the fat cells. After the fat cells are separated, the surgeon sucks them out using a syringe or pump attached to a cannula. The type of liposuction plays an important role, because the method of liposuction can be carried out in different forms. The surgeon can use ultrasound, laser, radio frequency, etc. to make fat removal less invasive, faster and easier.

Closing the incisions
When the fat is removed, the surgeon places stitches to close the incisions. Sutures can be either absorbable or removable, depending on the size of the incisions, the body part, and the liposuction method. Absorbable threads dissolve by themselves and are naturally absorbed by the skin over time. Removable sutures must be removed by a doctor or nurse after 7-10 days. Sometimes it is also necessary to place drainage tubes under the skin layer – they minimize the risk of complications and infection by collecting excess fluid. They are usually removed after a few days.

These procedure steps may vary slightly when liposuction is combined with certain other plastic surgeries. Then the operation time is extended and general anesthesia is applied. If you are considering liposuction, your plastic surgeon will explain the procedure to you during your preoperative consultation.

Liposuction results

The results of liposuction are obvious  fat is removed from the problematic body area, resulting in a more aesthetic, slimmer appearance and clearer body contours. Does liposuction work for everyone? If you lead an active, healthy lifestyle and have good skin condition, but for some reason some areas of your body are resistant to physical activity, liposuction will give you excellent results. Liposuction also improves the contours of body parts such as the waist, abdomen, hips, arms, face and thighs. The extent of fat removal is very individual  the surgeon decides how much fat is removed, sometimes less than 1 liter and sometimes 4 liters. In both cases, however, the results can be impressive and completely change the overall picture, since it is very individual. If you have special expectations, it’s best to ask your surgeon what to expect after your lipoma surgery. The most important aspect of results is having realistic expectations of the procedure and its results, so it would be a good idea to talk to the surgeon about your expectations.

Cost of liposuction

Liposuction cost is undoubtedly an important consideration for people considering this procedure. How much liposuction costs cannotbe said in one word, as there are too many price factors with this procedure.

First of all, the price of liposuction depends on the body part to be treated. Therefore, it is easier to state the cost of liposuction on the abdomen or arms than the cost of liposuction in general. But before we describe price factors, we need to answer an important question. After all, should the price of liposuction be the main factor when choosing a clinic?

Of course not. On the contrary, if we choose the cheapest liposuction available on the market, it can be the most expensive, both for our finances and for our health. A low price must go hand in hand with a quality procedure, a certified and experienced surgeon, and a satisfactory hospital standard. If any of these aspects are in doubt, it is better to look for another place to do the operation. Factors affecting the price of liposuction:

  • operating volume;
  • patient size;
  • applied anesthesia;
  • expected length and complexity of the procedure;
  • Operating room and doctor’s fees
  • other price components, e.g. medical tests, compression underwear, nursing;
  • clinic location and country
  • experience of the surgeon.

Liposuction abroad

Assuming that you are not qualified for liposuction on the NHS and the cheap liposuction UK price exceeds your budget, you may consider having liposuction abroad. Going to another country for a plastic surgery has become extremely popular – nowadays, the medical tourism market is so professional that it is absolutely easy, stressless and comfortable to get cheap liposuction abroad. On the Internet, there are multiple websites gathering highstandard clinics from various countries, so e.g. if you look for liposuction Thailand or any liposuction clinics abroad, you may find them and compare the prices. The good news is that the clinics open for international patients are very careful about maintaining their quality, standard and prestige. There are also many websites where patients share their liposuction abroad reviews – it will give you a real image of such a travel and you will know what to expect. Why are the prices for liposuction abroad so cheap? It all depends on the cost of living and the currency used. This has nothing to do with inferior liposuction. On the contrary, very often patients abroad find even more experienced and recognized surgeons and reputable clinics that offer really affordable prices that they can find in their own country. The most popular destinations for liposuction abroad among Europeans are Poland and Turkey.

Liposuction Poland

Poland is a popular destination for medical tourists from Europe. Liposuction Poland is the most common plastic surgery performed by foreign patients. Why should you consider plastic surgery in Poland?

  • There are highstandard clinics that comply with all EU health regulations  Polish clinics open to medical tourists provide excellent medical care, guarantee confidentiality and use the latest liposuction techniques. Plastic surgery in Poland is always performed in a private clinic controlled by the Polish and EU authorities.
  • Surgeons in Poland are worldclass specialists  all plastic surgeons must undergo extensive training to become certified, they pride themselves on their extensive experience and broad knowledge; There are also surgeons who specialize primarily in liposuction.
  • Medical tourists are often offered complete allinclusive packages, paying one price that includes surgery, hotel, and transfers. You will receive comprehensive care throughout your stay in Poland.
  • Poland is a safe country open to foreign tourists.
  • The predominant language there is English, so that you can communicate well not only in the clinic but also outside of it.
  • There are also several international flights, every major city in Poland has an international airport, so getting to Poland is really easy and affordable, and also very fast as Poland is located in Central Europe.
  • Poland is very attractive as a travel destination. You can find a clinic in the mountains or on the Baltic Sea. The cities themselves are also popular destinations visited by millions of tourists. Kraków and Warsaw are known all over the world.
  • Plastic surgery prices in Poland are very competitive. The average price for a tummy tuck is €1,500 (body jet liposuction) or €1,800 (vaser liposuction).

Liposuction Turkey

In second place is liposuction in Turkey. Turkey is not only popular with Europeans, but also with Americans or Asians. The truth is that Turkey has some of the lowest plastic surgery prices in the world, as well as in terms of medical care standards.

Find out why Turkey is so popular with medical tourists.

  • Patients always receive comprehensive care and attention. Turkish clinics and intermediaries organize surgeries and inpatient treatments, luxury hotel accommodation and transportation, so these medical trips are like normal allinclusive trips.
  • Liposuction Turkey cost is really affordable. Liposuction with tummy tuck can cost £1,500 and cost of liposuction with bodyjet tummy tuck starts from £1,200.
  • There are high standard clinics and qualified plastic surgeons. It is becoming easier and easier to find a quality clinic in Turkey, just search the internet.
  • When we see the clinic’s website, the surgeons who work there and the testimonials of patients, we can be sure that this is a certified place. We can also verify clinic and surgeon accreditations and certifications.
     Alanya, Antalya are the most popular destinations for both leisure and medical travel, so a combination of both is the perfect solution.

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