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Gynecomastia - what is male breast reduction?

Gynecomastia is a condition that men experience when their breasts are swollen and larger than usual. It mainly occurs in teenagers or older men, but middle-aged men can also develop gynecomastia in men. This condition can reach varying degrees, for some men it results in only a small amount of extra tissue around the nipple while for others there is bulging breasts that make them uncomfortable. , unattractive and embarrassing. Gynecomastia can develop on one or both breasts.

There are two treatments that are really effective in dealing with gynecomastia. The first treatment involves drugs that affect the hormones and restore the balance between testosterone and estrogen levels. The second treatment is gynecomastia surgery in men.

In fact, male gynecomastia surgery is nothing more than plastic surgery to improve the appearance and aesthetics of the breasts. Undoubtedly, male breast reduction surgery is much more invasive than drug treatment, however, drugs are only effective in the early stages of this disease i.e. in the first few months ( until the child is one year old). For now, gynecomastia isn’t too much of a concern, and many people are simply responding too late to receive effective drug treatment. After about a year, gynecomastia in men grows to the point where plastic surgery of gynecomastia becomes the only recommended treatment. So, what is gynecomastia surgery and what does it include? This is an elective cosmetic surgery – this means that the patient has to pay the full cost of a breast surgery in the UK and that is not usually covered by the NHS. This male breast reduction surgery addresses the issues of excess fat accumulation in the breast area, excessive glandular tissue, and loose, sagging breast skin. As a result, men’s chest size is reduced, the chest is flatter and the contours of the chest are enhanced. Plastic surgery for gynecomastia in men may also involve repositioning the areola to maintain the natural shape of the breast.

Gynecomastia surgery - procedure

Male breast augmentation surgery aims to restore the normal natural contour of a man’s breasts and correct any deformities of the breast, areola, or nipple. Options used for surgery include liposuction and excision (removal of tissue). It is also possible that both solutions apply. There are many videos about gynecomastia surgery that show all the steps of the surgery, but we’ve also listed them below.

Each gynecomastia activity is uniquely designed based on your specific goals and needs. Your plastic surgeon will discuss each step of the procedure and the techniques used during your consultation. Here is an overview of the main steps of a typical gynecomastia surgery:

Anesthesia: The surgeon administers local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the surgical technique and your comfort level. Local anesthesia and sedation numb the targeted areas and ease anxiety while general anesthesia puts you to sleep.

Liposuction: Your surgeon will perform liposuction if your male breasts are the result of excess fatty tissue. This involves inserting a catheter into your chest through small incisions, moving it back and forth to loosen fatty tissue and draw unwanted fat out of your body.

Excision: Your surgeon will perform an excision technique if you have excess skin and breast tissue. This involves trimming away excess skin tissue, removing excess breast tissue, and possibly repositioning the nipple to fit a man’s natural contours.

Closing the incision: After liposuction or excision, the surgeon closes the incision with sutures.


The effects of gynecomastia surgery

What to expect after gynecomastia surgery? As with any surgery, recovery is an extremely important part of the body’s changes. The surgery itself sets the tone, but the extent to which gynecomastia surgery results is highly dependent on the patient and recovery time. The end results of gynecomastia surgery are immediate, but cannot be seen at first because the breasts are swollen, bruised, and need to be reconstructed with compression bandages. On average, the results of gynecomastia surgery are fully visible a few months after the procedure, when the swelling has completely disappeared. Plastic surgeons always inform patients that the success of the surgery can only be determined after 6 months. Also, all the before and after photos of gynecomastia show the body just before surgery and about 6 months after surgery, so patients should never compare themselves with such photos. For several months. Some clinics also share before and after photos of what the breasts look like month after month after surgery – you’re better off searching for such photos to get the picture. honest about the recovery process and the shape of the breasts in the first few months after surgery. procedure.

Life after male breast reduction

After gynecomastia surgery, you will notice an immediate improvement in the shape and appearance of your breasts. Although you may feel unwell for a few days, the pain is usually minor. While your plastic surgeon will likely prescribe pain medication, many men find over-the-counter options, such as Tylenol, to be sufficient. If you were given a compression bandage, wear it. This will improve your comfort and help your breasts heal optimally. While every patient’s recovery is different, most patients feel ready to return to work within a few days of male breast reduction surgery, depending on the nature of their work. surname. Some men experience loss of sensation in treated areas after male breast reduction, but this is mostly temporary. Any loss of sensation will gradually return in the months following your procedure.

Men’s breast reduction results are permanent – the excess fat, glandular tissue and skin removed are gone forever. However, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Significant weight gain, steroid use, or certain medical conditions can cause gynecomastia to return. Additionally, medications that affect testosterone levels may also affect your results. An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon can help you know what to do to maintain long-term results.

Gynecomastia procedure - cost

The cost of gynecomastia surgery is an important consideration for all men when considering a gynecomastia procedure. For the vast majority of patients, this is elective cosmetic surgery, so the cost of gynecomastia surgery must be covered entirely by the patient. How much does gynecomastia surgery cost? It is not possible to give an average worldwide breast augmentation price as prices vary widely depending on the location, then prices vary between clinics in a given country (e.g. the cost of breast augmentation surgery). Male gynecomastia in Ireland is much higher than the cost of male gynecomastia in Turkey).

What also affects the price of gynecomastia surgery is the cost to the surgeon, the cost of surgical equipment and supplies, medical tests, anesthesia, hospital fees, and more. Patients should remember that surgery is only the first step in the changes to come and that they should commit to following appropriate care and following the recommended lifestyle to maintain results. Otherwise, the cost of gynecomastia surgery will be a waste of money and the gynecomastia problem will return. Therefore, surgery should be carefully considered and patients should be 100% sure that they are willing to pay the cost of male breast enlargement surgery. So back to the question: how much does gynecomastia surgery cost in men, it depends on the type of surgery – the cost of liposuction is different from the cost of removing the glandular tissue, or sometimes both. Skill. Below in this section, we provide more details for men wondering how much Gynecomastia Surgery costs and show how much Gynecomastia Surgery can expect in specific countries.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in UK

How much does gynecomastia surgery cost in the UK? Below we show the prices you can expect in some UK cities:

  1. London gynecomastia surgery: average GBP 5000
  2. Glasgow gynecomastia surgery: average 3600 GBP
  3. Edinburgh gynecomastia surgery: average 3600 GBP
  4. Manchester gynecomastia surgery: average 4900 GBP
  5. gynecomastia surgery in Birmingham: 4400 GBP on average.

Gynecomastia surgery abroad

Cheap gynecomastia surgery is actually possible and it’s actually quite easy. So when a patient can’t afford surgery at home and the NHS doesn’t cover it, there’s an alternative, which is the cheapest gynecomastia surgery abroad. There are countries that offer extremely low medical treatment prices, so if you can’t find “cheap gynecomastia surgery near me” you can look elsewhere. Traveling for treatment has become the norm for millions of people.

Medical tourism has given people the opportunity to receive affordable and high-quality treatment abroad – we must point out that when it comes to price, medical tourists often spend abroad 2-4 times less than spending at home country. Countries that often look for cheap surgery abroad include the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland, France, China, and Spain, while so-called affordable countries include Poland , Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico or India. Of course, people are free to choose the destination for a medical trip, but the trend is this: Europeans choose Europe for gynecomastia surgery in Poland or Turkey, Americans travel to Mexico and Asians consider Europe, India, Thailand and Turkey.

The main reasons that influence the choice of destination are proximity and air routes. Moreover, cheap surgery prices in some countries do not mean poor quality. In contrast, by paying less for treatment, medical tourists can afford to have surgery at the best clinic in a given country and choose the most highly rated surgeon. while saving a lot of money. Finally, it must be mentioned that traveling abroad is an opportunity to visit a foreign country, discover new places and learn about different cultures – oftentimes planning a trip short or sightseeing is something that medical tourists are always advised as it is a big added value for medical. traveling.

Poland is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists in the world and a top destination for Europeans. Polish plastic surgery (among other treatments, such as dental, orthopedic or bariatric) is known for its excellent quality and affordable cost. There are not many countries where medical tourists can be sure of the quality and level of healthcare at private clinics. Gynecomastia in Poland is the surgery most often chosen by male patients – of course the main reason for choosing gynecomastia in Poland is that the cost of gynecomastia in Poland is very affordable – it starts from 1800 GBP.

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