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Duodenal switch in a nutshell

Duodenal switch is a bariatric surgery that guarantees the best long-term success in reducing excess weight compared to other weight loss surgeries. However, duodenal switch surgery is not as popular as other weight loss surgeries. This is because bariatric duodenal switch surgery is a longer and more complicated procedure than gastric bypass or gastric banding. Physicians may recommend biliopancreatic redirection with a duodenal switch if:

  1. People who are obese and have a body mass index (BMI) of 50 or higher
  2. Patient has a BMI of 35-40 or higher and has developed type 2 diabetes or other obesity-related conditions such as sleep apnea, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, or high cholesterol.

The duodenal switch is a combination gastric sleeve and gastric bypass and includes both restrictive and malabsorption aspects.

  • Restrictive aspects of the duodenal switching procedure:

During bariatric surgery, the patient’s stomach shrinks about 70-80% along the greater curvature. Most of the first part of the small intestine, the duodenum, is also removed, but the normal connection between the stomach and the rest of the first intestine is maintained. Because people can only eat a limited amount of food during a meal, appetite is reduced, and eating smaller portions helps people feel full.

  • Malabsorption Aspects of the Duodenal Switch Procedure:

Caloric malabsorption occurs when ingested food travels through the stomach to the normal entrance to the intestine, then bypasses and reconnects further down the intestine. Digestive juices and bile are unable to process food as it travels down the intestine, resulting in reduced caloric intake and desirable weight loss.

There are basically two different ways to perform a gastroduodenal switch. The first is Traditional surgery with open abdominal incision and the second is a laparoscopic duodenal switch, where several small incisions are made in the patient’s abdomen to insert surgical instruments and a special camera.

Why to get duodenal switch abroad?

Getting duodenal switch abroad is a great chance for everyone wanting to change their life. Why is it a great alternative?

  • duodenal switch in Poland or Turkey is much cheaper than in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Candada, the US, Germany and many other countries; very often, the cost is two or three times lower;
  • there is no waiting list – patient can get the surgery at any convenient time frame; our clinics are fully available and flexible for international patients;
  • thanks to the low cost, these are patients who decide whic h place to choose – there are many top-quality bariatric surgery clinics recommended by MediTrip and patients can afford each of them, so they can set other criteria than only the price!
  • patients can opt for the best surgeons and best hospitals – the low cost of surgeries e.g. in Poland makes international patients in a position to use the services of the best clinics in destination countries and still save much money – for many, it wouln’t be possible in a homeplace;
  • patients can combine holidays and treatment – going even for such a serious procedure makes an opportunity to go sightseeing, try a local cuisine, grasp the culture and tradition, visit some must-see places nearby; we always recommend devoting some spare time before or even after the surgery to go around;
  • the travel expenses are relatively low – patients can use low-cost airlines, hostels, public transport – nowadays travelling is really accessible and affordable for everyone;
  • there are special packages for international patients, they are offered by the clinics or facilitators, they make people safe and protected, nothing to organise by a patients – the treatment and travel is organised just like all-inclusive holidays;
  • patients can get medical travel insurance – an insurance designed specifically for medical tourists to make the whole trip even safer.

How much is duodenal switch abroad?

The final cost of duodenal switch surgery Poland and duodenal switch surgery Turkey is given individually. Please contact MediTrip for more details.

Duodenal switch Poland – from 5100 EUR

Duodenal switch Turkey – from 4800 EUR

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