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What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction, officially known as mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery aimed at reducing breast size in female patients. This is a surgery dedicated to women whose large breasts cause discomfort, limitation, and even affect their health. Modern women are considering breast reduction in the UK more often than just a few years ago – the trend for unusually large breasts is out of date and now women prefer naturally proportioned, gender-free breasts term (e.g. in sports training).
Breast reduction surgery in the UK can eliminate the following problems:

  1. Nerve pain
  2. skin irritation or chronic rash under the breasts
  3. Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain
  4. spine problem
  5. limited activity
  6. low self-esteem and irritability
  7. Difficulty adjusting underwear and clothes.

There are two main direct reasons why women seek breast reduction surgery near me. These include breast reduction, weight loss (when a woman loses a lot of weight, breasts sag and lose their elasticity) and breastfeeding (after pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts become larger, loose, and flowy). sag). Breast reduction can also be done on men – this is called gynecomastia surgery. However, in this article, we will only focus on breast reduction surgery for women.

How does breast reduction work?

Breast reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia, so the patient is completely asleep and monitored by an anesthesiologist. Depending on the extent of the surgery, it can last from 1.5 to 3 hours and the patient needs to stay in the hospital for at least 2 days. So how does the breast reduction procedure work? Typically, a surgeon makes the following changes to the breasts: removing excess fat and/or glandular tissue, removing excess skin, reshaping and reshaping the remaining breast tissue, and moving the nipple. breast to the new position. The result is a smaller and more defined bust that is perfectly proportioned to the body. Sometimes breast reduction is combined with sagging breasts, but it depends on the wishes of the women.

Procedure of breasts reduction

In general, the entire breast reduction surgery procedure and steps are described in detail during the final consultation prior to surgery. The plastic surgeon informs the patient about the breast reduction surgery technique and the size of the breast reduction to be performed. Depending on the anatomy and cause, a breast reduction procedure may include the removal of excess skin, glandular tissue, or fat. Sometimes fat and tissue removal techniques (liposuction and excision) are combined. How is the breast reduction procedure performed?

There are 4 main steps in the surgical process: anesthesia, skin incision, breast reduction, incision closure

Anesthesia – in the majority of cases, the plastic surgeon decides to use general anesthesia to put the patient to sleep and be monitored by the anesthesiologist.

Incision – when the anesthetic begins to work, the surgeon makes an incision – the size and number of incisions depends on the technique used. The most common options include: a circular incision around the areola, a racquet-shaped incision (incision around the areola and a longitudinal incision down the fold of the breast), and an inverted T-incision. Patients are always informed about the type of incision and the location of possible scarring prior to surgery.

Breast reduction – after making the necessary incisions, the surgeon moves on to reduce the size of the breasts by removing excess glandular tissue, fat and/or skin. When the natural breasts are really large and the extent is significantly reduced, it may be necessary to move the nipple and reduce the areola. During the surgery, the breasts are also lifted and shaped.

Closing the incision – after shrinking, lifting and shaping the breasts, the surgeon will bring the incisions closer together. The surgeon may use sutures, surgical tape, and/or skin adhesive to close the skin. The incisions are permanent, but they have the potential to fade and become invisible over time. After surgery, the patient was transferred to the postoperative room to rest and continue to be monitored. After some time, the patient wakes up. The results of breast reduction are immediate, but they may not be noticed until the body has recovered from the surgery.

How long does breast reduction surgery take? Surgery time varies from patient to patient. Much depends on the scope of the procedure. Usually 2-4 hours. If breast reduction is combined with other cosmetic surgeries, this delay may be longer. The best idea to know the expected time of surgery is to ask the plastic surgeon before the surgery.

Recovery after breast reduction

How long is the recovery time after breast reduction? It’s really individual, but most plastic surgeons say that intense recovery takes 2 weeks and full recovery takes a month. The first 2 weeks is an important time for the body to recover and monitor the incision, the next 2 weeks is the time when the mother returns to activities and returns to normal work. We always recommend that women look at breast reduction restoration photos to see what they can expect at each stage of recovery. Recovery time from breast reduction surgery is highly individualized and it is important for women to understand what to expect in the weeks following surgery.

Early stage

Let’s start with the early stages. When I wake up right after the surgery, my chest is bandaged. There is often something to cover the stitches, such as tape or glue, and a gauze pad and bra or her ACE wrap to support and slightly compress the chest. Your surgeon will tell you what to do with these bandages, when to change them, and when to douche them. In general, you will experience moderate pain in your chest and sides of your chest during the first week after surgery. Some people mainly feel pain. This pain can be easily controlled with medications prescribed by your doctor and should get a little better each day.

There is usually some drainage such as blood or clear fluid from the incision line. This will decrease in the first few days. When sleeping outside the bandage, drainage can leak through the bandage onto the seat or where you sit or lean.Don’t use the best sheet. Plan to sleep in old towels or blankets that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

Stay comfortable for a week. Take short walks, move slowly, watch your body, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Do not exercise, diet, or do anything other than rest and recovery. You should sleep on your back for at least 2-3 weeks. If you sleep on your stomach or on your side, this can be the hardest part of your recovery, so consider buying a body pillow or sleeping in a recliner. If you have trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor if you think a mild sleep aid might help.

Many women feel relieved after surgery. However, it is not uncommon for people to feel low and slightly depressed after surgery. Give yourself time to process the emotions that come after such a big moment in your life. After about 3 weeks, you will notice that most of the bruises are gone and the swelling is going down. Your incision may look pink or brown, but it will be soft and firm to the touch.With your doctor’s approval, you can begin other activities at this time. Your doctor may allow you to increase activity beforehand, but she should plan a 3-week break when planning recovery.

About a month after surgery, you can check your new breast size and get a new bra size. Any residual puffiness may still go away, but you can buy a new bra at this point. Talk to your surgeon about underwire bras. Depending on your incision and specific healing, you may need to wait before purchasing an underwire bra style.

Later stage

During the final stage of recovery, you can start to return to normal. When you restart your activities, give yourself time to build up your stamina. Start by walking uphill or riding a low-impact bike, as things that involve running or jumping can be very uncomfortable for your new breasts. Listen to your body and build up slowly. Also, remember to wear a supportive bra when working out for the first time. Sexual activity can usually be resumed three weeks after surgery.

During this time, you may experience numbness on the sides of your breasts or in your nipples. This is probably normal and will most likely improve over the next few months, although sometimes the numbness can be permanent. Some women have intermittent, persistent stabbing pains or “flickering” pains in the breast reduction area or on one side of their breasts. These symptoms are related to nerve healing and will not be frequent and will disappear completely after a few months. Most women say it takes three to four months for the swelling to go away and you may feel nodules or lumps. Usually this is a normal part of the healing process. While the bump may disappear after the first few months, surgical scars can take nearly a year to fade and soften completely. Discuss with your surgeon what scar treatment systems they may recommend and use them as directed.

For many patients, the recovery time can seem short compared to other types of surgery. However, it is important to allow time for recovery. Be sure to follow the instructions suggested by your surgeon so you can achieve the best results!



Breast reduction - effects

Breast reduction is a life-changing surgery that has both aesthetic and health effects. Each procedure is tailored to the individual patient and addresses the specific problems caused by large breasts, so the results of breast reduction surgery will please every woman the way she wants. When can you see the best breast reduction results? It depends on each woman’s recovery rate. In general, breasts are swollen and tight for the first few weeks, they also appear to be in an unusually high position on the breasts, but over time the breasts will settle back to their final position, acquire a natural contour, and become more contoured. soft and achieve the ultimate aesthetic. – some women see these results within a month while others have to wait a few more weeks until the breasts fully recover. Breast reduction results are designed to last, but women should be aware that aging and gravity can alter the appearance of their breasts in the future, but these are natural changes that occur. with people. Of course, breasts will not grow naturally, so the problem of breast enlargement will never go away on its own.

Advantages and disadvantages of breast reduction

Listing the pros and cons of breast reduction surgery is a good way for women who are hesitant about having the surgery. Below we outline the pros and cons of breast reduction surgery.

Cost of breast reduction

How much does breast reduction cost in the UK? Overall, the question: how much does breast reduction surgery in the UK cost is still very difficult to answer. For example, when a patient chooses the best breast reduction surgeon in the UK, she can expect one of the highest costs available in the country. At the same time, a small clinic located in the city can offer a much lower cost for the same procedure. How much does breast reduction surgery in UK cost in specific cities? Below we provide average UK prices:

  • Breast reduction in Glasgow: GBP 6000 on average (breast reduction in Scotland is the most expensive for UK patients of all regions)
  • London breast reduction: 4500-6500 GBP
  • Leeds breast reduction: 5500-6500 GBP
  • Northern Ireland breast reduction: 4500 GBP.

Of course, the prices above are average prices and are offered in most clinics. Patients may experience lower rates (even from 3500 GBP) as well as higher costs (even up to 8500 GBP). So patients should consider the given estimates a preview of what to expect, however, final prices are set by each individual clinic, so it’s best to research specific clinics. body.

Breast reduction abroad - Poland

Breast reduction surgery in the UK or Ireland can be very expensive and many women simply cannot afford it. Alternatives to private breast reduction in the UK include NHS insurance and funding. However, there is also a third possibility to get a cheap breast reduction surgery, which is to perform the surgery abroad. Medical tourism has brought us such luck and made it common to find cheap but top quality surgeries abroad. These days, arranging surgery abroad is as easy as arranging for breast reduction near me. So since cheap breast reduction is not possible in the UK, everyone should try their luck to get affordable surgery in a neighboring country.

Some countries offer a really affordable cost for breast reduction and it has nothing to do with the quality of the surgery. On the contrary, when the cost of surgery is much lower, the patient has the opportunity to choose the best breast reduction surgeon and best breast reduction clinic. Lower prices are mainly due to a lower cost of living, which indicates lower wages, fees, daily costs and maintenance, and ultimately, it affects lower surgery prices. Patients should never fear the standard of surgery abroad as excellent clinics as well as dubious hospitals can be encountered in every country. Therefore, we always recommend that women read breast reduction reviews abroad, research the best plastic surgeons for breast reduction, and generally do the research no matter what they conduct. In which country do you have surgery? Finally, which country offers really low cost of plastic surgery? Example is:

  1. Mexico and Brazil – often chosen by Americans
  2. Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic – chosen by Europeans and Americans
  3. Thailand, India – chosen mainly by Asians.

Each of these countries is very attractive to people from the UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Australia, France, Norway, Sweden and Canada. Prices in these countries are twice, even three times cheaper, so even the travel costs are not much different, and going abroad for breast reduction surgery is very economical.

Breast reduction in Poland

Polish plastic surgery is extremely popular among Americans and Europeans. The countries that consider the price of plastic surgery in Poland very low are the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the US. Breast reduction Poland has a reputation for being highly specialized and of the highest quality, and the plastic surgeons there have world-class authority. The private breast reduction clinics in Poland use new technology, modern equipment and advanced solutions, and the cost of breast reduction in Poland is very competitive. Why do so many foreign patients choose Poland? The main advantages of Poland include:

  • clinics have extensive experience in providing services to international patients, so the hospital and its aftercare policy are tailored to their needs;
  • plastic surgeons in Poland are highly qualified and well-trained specialists; the educational path in Poland is very strict for them, so in the end only the most determined, dedicated, ambitious and capable people become plastic surgeons;
  • very competitive surgery prices worldwide;
  • English is the common language there, so there is no language barrier;
  • in terms of tourism, Poland is a very attractive country, so it is a great choice to combine vacation and surgery;
  • has great access to hundreds of flights a day
  • foreign patients can get free help with surgical arrangements – independent medical tourism clinics and facilitators provide such help;
  • Patients can purchase medical travel insurance specifically for medical tourists.

Finally, breast reduction surgery in Poland received very positive feedback from international patients. This country’s greatest assets are its highly professional health care system and the best level of surgery, and competitive pricing is often a pleasant, but complementary aspect.

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