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What is Mastopexy?

It is normal for women to pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their breasts. In addition, many women are not satisfied with the appearance, shape or size of their breasts which is normal. Plastic surgery offers women the opportunity to improve the aesthetics of their breasts, eliminate health problems caused by breast size, and improve self-esteem and attractiveness. Breast lift is one of the most common breast surgeries that women choose when they want to restore the beauty of their breasts. Breast lift (or breast uplift) is officially called mastopexy surgery.

The definition of breast mastopexy states that it is a surgery to lift sagging breasts away from a woman’s breasts. It changes the contour, size, shape and height of the breast. Breast lift surgery is only for women. What problems can be solved with breast lift surgery? Usually, it lifts breasts that have lost their elasticity and firmness and become saggy and loose. Mastopexy breasts are especially recommended for women after pregnancy and breastfeeding (breasts become heavier, fuller, tight and saggy after pregnancy) or after massive weight loss (breasts often lose their volume) elastic and elastic when women lose a lot of weight). In this article, we will focus on breast lift surgery and present the most important aspects related to this cosmetic procedure.

The difference between a mini breast lift and a full breast lift

Mini mastopexy is a modification of the traditional breast lift. It aims to achieve similar results with less scarring and a less extensive procedure. The main differences between mini and full breast lift are:

Candidate for breast lift

Before women start thinking about breast lift, they must answer another important question, which is: do I need a breast lift? In general, small breasts as well as large breasts can be suitable for a lift surgery, so women do not need to worry about this problem. In general, breast lift may be considered for the following reasons:

  • breasts lack firmness and “filling”;
  • hanging breasts, the size of which is already satisfied;
  • areola and nipple are directed downward and/or below the fold of the breast;
  • breasts that are asymmetrical in firmness, position and size;
  • relatively small or “normal” breasts (for very large breasts, breast reduction with breast augmentation is recommended).

In addition, the person performing breast lift must be in good health. The final evaluation for the surgery is done just before the procedure after the woman has completed all the necessary medical tests. If the surgeon finds results that are worrisome or increase the risk of complications, they may decide to postpone the procedure. It’s important for women to take care of their overall health – they eat a balanced diet, don’t smoke, aren’t addicted, and maintain an active lifestyle. Finally, it is very important to breastfeed and get pregnant. Breast lift surgery is recommended for women who do not intend to have children in the future. In general, breasts tend to become flat and loose after pregnancy and breastfeeding, so surgery may not provide lasting results. Second, breast lift surgery can sometimes have a negative effect on the ability to breastfeed, so if a woman wants to be 100% sure she can breastfeed, she should wait until the surgery is complete. all the way to the end of the birthing process. .

How is breast lift performed?

The mastopexy procedure is a relatively complicated plastic surgery. It must be performed by a certified plastic surgeon and requires precision and skill. How long does breast lift take and how is it performed? Breast lift surgery is a rather lengthy surgery – it usually takes about 3-4 hours. Of course, mini breast lift is a shorter surgery, or when women have very large breasts or breast lift surgery is combined with other procedures, it can take up to 5 hours or more. The stages of the breast lift procedure include:

Step 1 – Anesthesia

Breast lift is always performed under general anesthesia. Anesthesiologist administers medication so that the patient is unconscious during surgery. Then, during the surgery, the patient’s health status and all health parameters are monitored by the anesthesiologist.

Step 2 – incision

Breast lift can involve different incisions. Before surgery, the plastic surgeon discusses with the patient which technique would be most effective in a particular case. The technique is chosen according to the shape and size of the breasts, the position and size of the areola, the quality and elasticity of the skin, and the degree of sagging. Generally, there are 3 most common incision techniques:

  • incisions round the areola;
  • incisions round the areola and vertical incisions from the areolas to the breast crease;
  • incisions round the areola, vertical incisions from the areolas to the breast crease and horizontal incisions along the breast crease.

Step 3 – breast lift

After the surgeon makes the incisions, they move on to the breast correction phase. What exactly do we do during surgery? Changes related to:

  • breast tissue is lifted and reshaped so that the shape and firmness of the breasts are improved, they become visibly lifted;
  • areola and nipple are repositioned and/or reduced in size;
  • Excess skin or fat on the breasts is removed so that the breasts regain their elasticity.

Step 4 – close the incision

After a plastic surgeon reshapes the breasts, lifts them, removes excess fat, skin or tissue, and adjusts the size and position of the areola, they tighten the remaining skin and close the wound. incision with sutures. The number, size, and length of the incisions depend on the technique used. Most incisions can be naturally hidden within the contours and folds of the breast, but some scars can be left behind after surgery.

Stage 5 – recovery and results

After the incision was closed, the patient was transferred to the postoperative room while resting. The women were awakened after a few hours and stayed in the hospital overnight so that their health condition was always under medical control. The results of surgery are immediate, but due to swelling and bruising, they may be blurred. Before patients leave the hospital, they are instructed to rigorously monitor their recovery time.

Recovery after breast lift

How long is the recovery time after breast lift? Well, the recovery lasted a few weeks. It is difficult to generalize because timing varies from woman to woman. Also, the recovery time after breast lift and facelift surgery or the recovery time for breast lift and reduction is different from the recovery time after breast lift surgery alone. However, below we present the recovery time after breast lift generally accepted by plastic surgeons. In addition, we should note here that the timeframes below should be considered as a guideline and general idea only, not as strict criteria for individual patients. The table below shows only the average recovery time after breast lift.

Breast lift prices in the UK

How much does breast lift cost in the UK? In general, breast lift in the UK is quite an expensive plastic surgery. Of course, the price of breast lift surgery in the UK varies from clinic to clinic and from city to city. However, we will try to give you a rough idea of ​​what to expect from UK breast lift costs in selected cities. Below we present the average cost of mastopexy in the UK:

Based on the UK mastopexy prices, it can be said that the average cost of breast lift in the UK is £5900 to £6200. However, when women are seriously considering surgery, we always recommend that they ask specific clinics how much breast lift costs in the UK – then they can simply compare costs at different locations. clinic is considered. When a woman feels that the cost of breast lift is out of her budget, she also has other options for the procedure, such as. fund the breast lift surgery, the NHS pays for, or travel abroad for the surgery.

The NHS is a publicly funded British system that allows people to get free healthcare and treatment. The general rule is that the NHS only funds treatment that is medically necessary and can save people’s health and lives. So is breast lift in the NHS possible? In general, UK NHS breast lift is not possible. In most cases, breast lift is a mere cosmetic surgery aimed at improving the aesthetics of the breasts, not the patient’s health. So naturally it is extremely difficult to qualify for NHS mastopexy. Strict criteria must be met and the grant application has several steps that the patient must go through.

Breast lift abroad

Finding a cheap breast lift in the UK has been really hard, getting it in the NHS is even harder, no wonder so many people are looking for other alternatives to get it. An inexpensive method of breast lift. Medical tourism is a trend that has given patients the opportunity to receive the highest quality and more affordable treatment at the same time. In the modern world, arranging treatment abroad is as easy as arranging it at a nearby clinic. Some countries offer very low prices for breast lift , which is unrelated to the standard and quality of the treatment. In fact, on the contrary, when the cost of surgery is really low, the patient has the opportunity to choose the best breast surgeon and the best clinic. The majority of patients cannot have surgery with the best mastopexy surgeons in the UK or Ireland, so your chance to get the highest quality breast lift and get a world-class surgeon while saving you money. Saving money is really tempting.

The low cost of breast lift in some countries is due to the low cost of living. The cost of living is low and the situation of a country suggests lower costs, wages, clinic and equipment maintenance, daily expenses and lastly, all these make the cost of breast lift low much more . Patients should not fear the standard of treatment, because in every country there are excellent clinics, average hospitals and dubious places – so it is a matter of finding the right one and making the right choice. So, which countries are worth considering when a patient is looking for an affordable breast lift? There are many, but the most popular medical tourism destinations include:

  1. India and Thailand – these places are mainly chosen by Asians;
  2. Brazil and Mexico – these locations are chosen mainly by Americans;
  3. Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary – these places are chosen by Europeans and Americans.

Each of these countries is extremely attractive to patients from Ireland, the UK, the US, Australia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and Canada. On average, prices in medical tourism destination countries are about 2-3 times cheaper, which makes a big difference and big savings even after adding in travel costs.



Breast augmentation is a patient-specific cosmetic surgery. Women consider breast augmentation very important, mainly in terms of appearance and psychological comfort. This surgery treats sagging, asymmetrical, loose and flat breasts, and makes them full, round, lifted, and contoured. There are several options for breast augmentation – this includes having the procedure done in a private clinic in your home country, applying for NHS insurance, choosing funding options or having surgery in a private clinic in your home country outside. Each option has many advantages as well as disadvantages, so each woman should consider the available solutions individually. However, any woman who wants to undergo an affordable breast augmentation abroad can contact Clinique Hunter. Our team is ready to help each patient find the best and most affordable place. We are also happy to arrange all aspects of travel such as transfers or hotels so that patients feel truly safe, secure, comfortable and well taken care of.

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