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What is body lift?

Body lift surgery is a surgery that combines abdominal sagging and buttock lift. Treat excess skin and fat on lower abdomen and back after significant weight loss. This procedure is designed to contour the abdomen and buttocks and correct blepharoptosis in the soft tissues of the lower body. Indications for treatment are often justified for the following reasons:

  • Extra abdominal and hip/butt tissue
  • Improved lower body contour
  • Rash or loss of skin integrity due to redundancies.

Who is a candidate for body lift surgery?

Those undergoing body lift procedures are generally concerned about loose, inelastic, stretched skin that does not conform to their bodies. In most cases, these types of issues can be caused by:

  • Significant weight fluctuations as a result of changes in diet or exercise, or weight loss surgery. Usually a lot of weight loss.
  • aging
  • genetics
  • pregnancy
  • hormonal fluctuations

Consultation with a plastic surgeon can help you determine if you are a candidate for a body lift. He will assess your skin quality, the location/amount of skin and fatty tissue to be removed, and your health to determine if body lift surgery is the right option for you. At this point, he will also discuss the course of the surgery and give you an idea of ​​the expected results.

Body lift - procedure

The goal of reconstructing every aspect of your body starts with being healthy and fit before surgery. If you’re planning to lose weight, aim for what you consider to be your “ideal” weight before considering a body lift. Getting in shape before this procedure will ensure better results and faster recovery. If you have ever lost significant weight (BMI 5 points or more) with pelvic bands, stomach sleeves, or any other method must have been weight stable for at least 3 months before scheduling surgery. Surgery can place enormous demands on the body’s physiology and metabolism, and positive metabolic currents ensure proper healing and ideal outcomes.

The body lift takes several hours and is performed under general anesthesia. During surgery, an incision is made around or just below the waist. This allows access to excess skin that needs to be removed and tightened. The length of the incision depends primarily on the amount of skin that needs to be removed, but a perimeter incision is required if a full lower body lift is to be performed. This type of incision allows for maximum skin removal. In some cases, liposuction is also required. Sutures are placed deep into the skin so that the new contour is fully supported from the inside. From there the incision is closed and transferred to recovery. You may need to stay in the hospital for several days to recover after surgery, especially if the surgery is combined with other surgeries. You will also need to wear postoperative clothing for several weeks. This not only speeds up healing, but also improves results. You may have a drain that needs to stay in place for several days after lifting.

Recovery after body lift

Body lift recovery time is variable. Most people spend several days in the hospital after this procedure before being discharged to recover. Some patients are able to go home sooner than others.In the first few weeks after surgery, exercise should be limited to walking or sloping walking. From there, you can gradually introduce low-impact exercises as shown. Pulmonary complications such as blood clots, DVT, and pneumonia can be prevented by being careful about walking and exercising within a few days after surgery. The compression garment you must wear should be worn for at least six to eight weeks.Because of the swelling, it may take several months to see final results and the area to heal completely.

The benefits of a body lift can be seen immediately, but it may take several months before the final results are fully visible. The numbness and tightness of the skin surface disappears over time. It may take a year or more for the cutline to refine and thin to some extent. These lines are permanent, but can usually be hidden under most clothing and swimwear.
If you maintain your weight and overall fitness, your newly lifted contour should last. As your body ages, it’s natural for your strength to decline. However, most improvements are relatively permanent.

Benefits of Body Lift surgery

Body lifts can have both cosmetic and functional results. Removing excess skin reduces the severity. In some cases, the excess skin can become so severe that it begins to overlap itself. This can lead to chafing, infections, and a negative effect on confidence.A body lift will give you a firmer skin tone and a naturally beautiful body line. Tone your thighs, abdomen and chest with this highly individualized procedure. Body lifts can lift your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and even your genitals.
Body lift procedures are completely customized to your needs. For more information on the surgical procedures offered at MediTrip, please contact our office.

Body lift abroad cost

Getting private cosmetic surgery in the UK can be very expensive and many people cannot afford it. In that case, overseas cosmetic surgery may be a good option. Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular, especially among those looking for world-class cosmetic surgery clinics. Interestingly, many clinics and agencies abroad offer comprehensive cosmetic surgery packages to ensure that international patients feel safe and cared for. The fact that some countries offer far cheaper prices than the best cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK usually doesn’t compromise on quality. On the contrary, medical standards in cosmetic surgery clinics abroad are very high, and the low prices are only due to the cost of living, local currency and salaries. So which countries are worth considering? Depending on location, Americans usually travel to Mexico or Brazil, Europeans choose Poland, Turkey and the Czech Republic, Asians choose Thailand, India, I prefer Turkey. All of these countries offer quality healthcare and are open to medical tourists. When people find and check out reputable surgeons and high standard clinics abroad, they can get amazingly low cost and effective plastic surgery.

Polish plastic surgery is a very popular destination among Europeans. These are typically British, Irish, Swedish, Norwegian and German patients who find cosmetic surgery in Poland really affordable. Plastic Surgery Poland is of very high quality and Polish surgeons are world class professionals. Serving international patients, the private clinic prides itself on state-of-the-art technology, state-of-the-art equipment, an individual approach, and very competitive prices compared to other European countries. The cost of body lift in Poland starts from 4300 GBP. Contact MediTrip for more details!

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