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What is blepharoplasty?

An eyelid lift is also known as an eye lift (and eyelid lift) or more technically as blepharoplasty. Plastic surgery for eyes. In general, eye lift surgery improves and rejuvenates the appearance of the eyelids. You can distinguish between an upper eyelid lift and a lower eyelid lift.

What can be treated with an eyelid lift?

  • Fat deposits that cause swelling of the lower eyelid
  • Sagging and sagging skin that causes wrinkles and disrupts the eye contour
  • The skin of the upper eyelid is sagging and difficult to see
  • eye bag
  • Fine wrinkles on the lower eyelid
  • Droopy eyelids.

Eyelid surgery procedure steps

Blepharoplasty is a quick and easy surgery, but it requires proper preparation. Meet with the plastic surgeon prior to surgery to discuss key concerns, expectations, and medical history. You will also undergo a physical examination, necessary medical tests, and an eye exam. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of your eyes so you can see the difference in how they look.
Surgeons will also ask you to follow preoperative instructions such as:

  1. Quit smoking (at least 2 weeks before surgery, but sooner is better for healing)
  2. Stopping certain drugs, including aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, warfarin drugs, and drugs that may increase bleeding
  3. Organize responsibilities during surgery and recovery time (e.g. need someone to drive you home after surgery, need a few days off work, etc.).

Upper and lower eyelid surgery and double eyelid surgery are slightly different because the areas affected are different. However, eyelid surgery has four steps.

Step 1 – Anesthesia

Surgeons usually operate on both the lower and upper eyelids under local anesthesia. He administers special medications during the surgery that make him feel comfortable and painless, but he can’t sleep enough. If you are having other plastic surgeries in combination, general anesthesia may be given while you are asleep. The risk is high and long-term hospitalization is required. Nonetheless, local anesthetics are usually sufficient for eyelid surgery.

Step 2 – Incision

The surgeon carefully selects the incision site, hiding it in natural creases and creases and making it invisible to people who don’t know that they’ve had the surgery. For the upper eyelid, the surgeon can ideally make an incision in the natural fold of the eyelid. Such an incision allows you to remove excess fat and skin and tighten muscles. For the lower eyelid, the surgeon makes an incision below the eyelash line and as close to the eye as possible. Fat can be removed and rearranged. An alternative lower eyelid incision is a transconjunctival incision, which is made on the inside of the lower eyelid. This method works well for fat removal, but does not require skin removal.

Step 3 – Close the Incision

After making changes to the eyelid area, the surgeon closes the incision with skin glue or sutures. Eyelid surgery sutures are removed one week after surgery. Your surgeon may recommend using chemical or laser eyelid surgery peels to reduce discoloration of the lower eyelid. How long does it take to lift eyelids? For both the upper and lower eyelids, the treatment time is about 2 hours. Surgery on the upper eyelid only or lower eyelid only takes less time.

Step 4 – View Results

The results of eyelid surgery are immediate, but barely noticeable at first. This is because the area around the eyes is swollen and damaged. But over time, as your face heals, you will begin to see visible results in a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Blepharoplasty - aftercare

Aftercare for eyelid lift is very important. The skin around the eyes is very thin and requires special care after the procedure. Does eyelid surgery leave scars? If you take good care of the incision, the scar should be fine. Small scars usually remain, but they are well hidden in the crease of the eye and are usually inconspicuous as they fade over time. As for aftercare after eyelid surgery, the patient should lubricate the incision site with a special ointment and clean it frequently with a warm, damp cloth. Inflammation also occurs. In fact, it is the most common side effect of eyelid surgery. This can be prevented by following postoperative instructions. Periodically put ice packs on your eyelids and raise your head when you rest. You should also take proper care of your eyes. They may be quite itchy and dry at first, so they need to be kept moist.Limiting reading and spending time in front of the computer or TV can also dry out your eyes. Talk to your surgeon or nurse if you have any questions or concerns about post-operative care.

Blepharoplasty - effects

Eyelid lift results are really nice and long lasting. The result of upper eyelid surgery involves removing the eyelids and excess skin. As this is a one-time operation, the results are permanent. However, as you age, skin and fat may accumulate again in the eyelid area, in which case an eyebrow lift is recommended. The effect of the lower eyelid lift is also semi-permanent, and the sagging under the eyes and dark circles that have been removed will not return, so it is designed to be done only once. The result of double eyelid surgery is very natural, but if the effect is too strong or too weak, there is a risk of reoperation.

Cost of eyelid surgery

The cost of blepharoptosis surgery is generally less than other facial plastic surgery. Of course, the price depends on the treatment, so an upper eyelid lift only in the UK or a lower eyelid lift only in the UK will cost less than a lower and lower eyelid lift. However, as a rule, the fee for combined upper and lower eyelids is cheaper than for these procedures separately. So you have to think about your expectations, and if you’re considering doing the lower and upper eye lifts at different times, you might end up paying more than doing them together. How much does eyelid surgery cost? The average cost of a blepharoplasty in the UK is £2000-£6000. Prices are set by the clinic and can therefore depend on the location of the clinic, its reputation, the experience of the surgeon and the price components. You’ll have to check what’s included in the cost of, but you’ll have to pay extra for tests, anesthesia, and hospitalization, while the higher prices already include these elements. One thing to keep in mind is the total cost of eyelid surgery. The cost of double eyelid surgery ranges from £2500 to £8000.

Eyelid surgery abroad - Poland

If you are not NHS qualified for eyelid surgery and cannot afford surgery in a private hospital, blepharoplasty abroad is a good solution. The price of eyelid surgery varies from country to country, and as soon as the cost of plastic surgery in the UK, USA or Sweden becomes very high, Poland, Turkey or Mexico offer surgery that is three times cheaper. Plastic surgery costs less than £1000, while the quality of surgery and training of surgeons is comparable to other countries. An eye lift abroad is therefore a great opportunity to save money, visit new places and take a short vacation. I started hiring only doctors. Below, we’ll take a closer look at two of Europe’s most popular medical tourism destinations.

Eyelid surgery in Poland

Blepharoplasty Polish is one of the most affordable procedures he has. Plastic surgery Poland is very popular among Europeans. The main reason is that the quality of medical care in Polish clinics is the highest in Europe and Polish surgeons are world-class professionals. And the good news is that in addition to the excellent quality of the surgery, Poland offers very competitive plastic surgery Poland prices. The average cost of an upper or lower eyelid surgery in Poland is £1000, while upper and lower eyelid surgery costs an average of £1800. If you’re having a hard time making a decision regarding surgery, you can read some reviews of Plastic Surgery Poland from international patients available online.And finally, Poland has both summer and winter is a very attractive area for tourism. You can have a great time by sea, mountains, lakes and cities (Krakow, Warsaw, etc.). With its history, natural treasures, landscapes and numerous tourist attractions, Poland is a country visited by millions of tourists every year. be visited.

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