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BBL - What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

In recent years, having a round butt and an hourglass figure has become a symbol of femininity and attractiveness. Of course, not all women are lucky enough to have these assets, it’s no surprise that plastic surgeries to increase the size and shape of the buttocks are becoming increasingly popular. What is BBL surgery? This is a leading plastic surgery that improves the appearance of the buttocks. BBL plastic surgery is the abbreviation for Brazilian butt lift. It is also known as a butt lift (or butt lift), a Brazilian butt lift, or a Brazilian butt lift. What exactly is BBL surgery? It is simply fat transfer – fat is taken from one part of the body (e.g. belly or waist) and transferred to the buttocks.

What does BBL surgery mean? There are two theories. The first one says that women of Brazilian descent and generally South America have the ideal butt shape and their bodies have a natural hourglass figure. Therefore, the name of the operation “Brazilian Butt Lift” alludes to this nationality. The second theory explaining the meaning of BBL surgery says that it is the work of Dr. Ivo Pitanguy – a world-class plastic surgeon from Brazil who invented this surgery in the years 1960. Regardless of the origin, the name BBL entered medical and familiar use. . What is the main advantage of BBL? Well, one arrow hits two goals, namely to remove fat in problem areas and to inject fat into the buttocks to increase size and improve shape.

How to qualify for a Brazilian butt lift? Best Candidates

As with any other plastic surgery, buttock augmentation is performed by a surgeon. However, patients should know what are the general criteria for fat transfer to the buttocks. An ideal candidate for butt lift surgery in the UK must meet the following criteria:

  • butt shape, size and fullness is disappointing
  • patient is in good health, can apply anesthesia
  • patients have realistic expectations and realize that the results of the abnormally large buttocks that can sometimes be seen on social media cannot be achieved with just one surgery
  • have enough stored fat in the abdomen, flanks, hips or thighs to use for BBL
  • the patient is willing to quit smoking and alcohol for a period of time before and after surgery
  • satisfactory skin condition – if the patient has very sagging skin in the buttock area, they should tighten the skin before BBL.
  • flat butt
  • To be eligible for surgery, the patient must have enough fat in other parts of the body

In terms of weight, the ideal candidates should be of normal weight or even slightly overweight. The plastic surgeon is then sure that there will be enough fat to remove and transfer to the buttocks. On the other hand, people who are too thin may not have enough fat and BBL surgery may not be possible in this case, and people with too high BMI may be excluded from BBL because there are too many risks involved. regarding anesthesia. If people are excluded from the BBL for any reason, the plastic surgeon should explain how to lift the buttocks with other surgical or non-surgical methods. However, if a patient insists on buttock fat grafting, they should be instructed on what to do to qualify for this surgery in the future (e.g., weight loss or gain, treatment for infections, solving health problems).

Fat transfer on the buttocks - procedure

Brazilian butt lift surgery consists of two stages, the first stage is liposuction when fat is removed from the intended body part and the second stage is fat injection when fat is injected into the buttocks. On the day of surgery, patients are admitted to the hospital, they complete the required documents and sign consent forms. Patients were also interviewed and examined about preoperative instructions, e.g. if they had not eaten or drank in the past 12 hours or if they had not used certain cosmetics. There is also a pre-surgery consultation with the plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist, so this is your last chance to ask questions and clear up any doubts.

If all is well and the patient’s medical examination results are satisfactory, the patient is ready for surgery. First, the patient is transferred to the operating room and asked to lie face down or supine depending on the area of ​​fat removal. Anesthesia is then applied – this is usually general anesthesia. Throughout the surgery, the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, and temperature are monitored.

After the anesthetic begins to work, the surgeon will make small incisions in the areas of fat accumulation, through which a small tube is inserted. This tube sucks the fat. Fat is immediately placed in a special container to prevent its contamination. The number of body parts involved in liposuction is agreed prior to surgery, so the timing of this step may vary for this reason. The removed fat also contains fluid and blood, so before implantation, the surgeon must separate the components to inject the fat lightly.

When the patient lies on their back during liposuction, they will be moved to a supine position so that the surgeon can begin the buttock lift procedure. First, the surgeon makes a few small incisions and loosens the tissue in the buttocks. Then the fat is injected. Interestingly, during a butt lift procedure, surgeons often inject more fat than necessary because some of the fat can be absorbed by the body and not in a new location. When the buttock injection is complete and the fat is in the perfect position, the surgeon closes the incision with sutures. Finally, the patient was transferred to the postoperative room for rest.

BBL - surgery effects

The results of a Brazilian butt lift are truly spectacular – the surgery not only improves the appearance of the buttocks, but also affects the proportions, shape and attractiveness of the entire body. You should spend the first few months after surgery recovering because your body must first accept the fat grafts and heal the wound after surgery. The shape of the buttocks can change at this point as bruising and swelling subside and some fat is naturally absorbed by the body. During BBL, the surgeon transfers more fat than necessary because fat absorption is natural. It is estimated that in the first few months about 20-30% of the injected fat is lost, but there are also patients with 50% fat absorption. Final results are expected to appear about 6 months after surgery – the shape of the buttocks at this point is something patients will appreciate for years to come. The results of liposuction and butt lift in Brazil are long-lasting and only one patient is responsible for changes in body appearance, for example. if a person loses or gains weight or does not follow instructions after surgery, the outcome may be affected. Patients who dream of very visible results may need additional BBL surgery – sometimes 2-3 surgeries depending on need. However, for most women and men, BBL surgery is very gratifying.

BBL plastic surgery abroad

The cost of plastic surgery abroad can be very low, making it accessible to many people. Plastic surgery is no longer an exclusive service reserved for millionaires. They are widely accessible and affordable. Those who cannot afford the best liposuction surgeon in the UK can go to the best plastic surgeon in Poland or Turkey who will give them similar results. same but at a much lower cost. The phenomenon responsible for this trend is medical tourism. Treatment tourism has broken down barriers and opened up opportunities for people to travel abroad and clinics to serve international patients. These days, arranging cheap plastic surgery abroad is as easy as arranging a Brazilian butt lift near me. There are many cosmetic surgery packages abroad that cover both the medical and travel aspects so that the patient has everything arranged for them. Where is the best plastic surgery abroad? Well, that’s a tough question because location here plays an important role, eg. Americans go mainly to Mexico or Brazil, Europeans go to Turkey, Poland or the Czech Republic, and Asians choose Thailand or India. The reality is that the BBL destination country follows the highest health standards and offers competitive prices. To verify the clinic being reviewed, we recommend that patients read reviews of cosmetic surgery abroad to get an idea of ​​what to expect.

BBL surgery in Poland

BBL Polish Plastic Surgery is a very popular procedure. In general, the level of healthcare in Poland is very high, Polish surgeons are world-class professionals and medical tourism in general is very well developed. Plastic surgery prices in Poland are very competitive – the average cost of BBL is around 2000 GBP, 2 times cheaper than in the UK. Why do so many medical tourists choose Poland as their BBL destination? This is one of the countries with low prices to meet quality medical services. Poland is open to medical tourists, doctors are fluent in English, special packages have been created for foreign patients and marketing is also aimed at international patients. As a country, Poland has a lot to offer – combining BBL surgery with a short city break or family vacation is the perfect idea and everyone will find something to enjoy there. Here – complex history, Polish heroism, beautiful monuments, national heritage, unspoiled nature, Sea or Mountain cuisine, unique – there are so many options for tourists that one cannot imagine BBL patients not enjoying them during their stay in Poland.


To sum up, buttock augmentation is a very common surgery in women and is gaining popularity in men as well. BBL is the most effective and safest buttock augmentation surgery. It involves taking fat from one part of the body and grafting it onto the buttocks. BBL is quite expensive in some countries, but medical tourism allows patients to get cosmetic surgery at an affordable price and save a lot of money. Anyone looking for BBL surgery abroad can get medical travel organizers free help in finding the best clinic, best surgeon and best price. Clinic Hunter works with select clinics around the world and provides such assistance to potential patients. So, if you want to learn more about BBL abroad, contact us and we will help you make your dream of perfect butt come true.

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